From Anya/in the Ukraine who prayed to receive the Lord:

(Had another note from Anya Christmas week and she and Roman will be
married on January 28th)
My Dearest Mrs. Bernadine,
I am so so happy to hear from you!! I've been also thinking a lot about you and everything that had happens to me. It is so amazing!!! You are absolutely right saying that our Lord and Jesus Christ place our lives on the same route and our meeting was a real miracle!!!
I am sorry that I am writing to you just now... I have something to say to you about my life and what changes made my repentance. Off course many things became different for me. First of all when I came back to Kharkov, everybody in Church was very happy for me and gave me a lot of blessings and congratulations. But at most was happy Roman, if you remember he is my fiance and Lesya's brother. At the same time I told him that we will not have the same relationships as we use to, and we will not sleep together until we get marry.
And he agreed with me and sad to me that he supported me in any way. Although if you understand it is not easy...even for both of us. Other thing that i want to say to you is my big big thanks for your book. I am still reading it, and what is amazing for me that it is like giving me an answers on some questions that appears at the moment...or for example, if i have some problems even in relationships with Roman, i start reading your book and here it is an explanation and the answer. Really wonderful and helpful advises you are writing about. And off course i thank to Lord for you and for everything you've done for me.
I am reading a Bible and many things are becoming more and more understanding for me.
One more thing i wanted to share with you....Yesterday we were in our Church and Roman decided to pray and ask God to forgive him for his sins and he also repented to Lord. It was very happy moment for me and for all our Church, because everybody in church knew him and everybody was praying for him alot.
So, we started today our new life both with God. And we are going to try our best to live with love to each other and to our Lord and Jesus Christ.
I want to ask you to forgive me for my English, i know that i possibly made some mistakes in writing and expressing myself. I hope you still understand what i wanted to tell you.
Give my best regards to Wess. And God bless you both.
I will be really happy if you write me more often. Because you became a very important person in my life. Thank you a lot for everything.
With Love, ANNA