Friday, 22nd, the Betheas arrived from Alabama. Tim and Juli had just returned from NYC where they had spent five days celebrating their 25th anniversary. We all retired anticipating our exciting family reunion and celebration of the Lord's birth on the weekend.

Saturday, the families drifted in and 28 of us gathered for our 1 o'clock lunch. We missed two of our married grands' families who would join us the next day and Meredith who is in Africa on Mission; Hannah, on mission as well, who has begun her third year in South Asia; Jon and Heather seemed to be in a foreign land because they are living in Sacramento where Jon is attending Law School. We spoke sadly but proudly of each of them. All through the day the contentment that comes from having your "brood" together for awhile and observing their affection for one another and listening to their laughter and seeing the delight on their faces was again a treasured time for Gran'mama and Papa.

At 5:00 we attended the Christmas Eve service at a nearby church where we greeted some old friends and drank in the pleasures of Scripture readings and songs of praise. How can one explain or describe the FEELING as you sit in a church you attended when your children were quite young and sense and feel their love for the Lord AND their children!

Sunday, seven of us visited that same nearby church...great message and good music and certainly a focus on the birth of the King of Kings! Returned home to two beautiful golden turkeys and enough food for the army of 36 as we ate together. Our hearts were full along with our tummies. All of us gathered in the dining room at the end of the meal and our annual sharing began - probably lasted two hours as each member of the family 76 down to 9 years old shared about their 2011 - the joys, the sorrows, the prayer needs.

Monday, we joined the Kimbrough family at their home in Cumming and again feasted on the fellowship and our mutual love for our precious, gracious Savior - God's Gift to each of us.

Now, to the quiet and almost empty house...a laundry room piled high with dirty linens and that thought of "What day do I start taking down these decorations?"