....not the calendar year, of course, but my year! This past year has been so full of so many interesting turns in my road of life. February 15th was a memorable day with severe back pain. After much prayer, much pain, physical therapy, medical helps and advise, I had to succumb to surgery. There was a loose fragment of a disc that had fallen in love with my sciatic nerve. The nerve did NOT appreciate the constant embrace of the fragment and kept yelling at me!!! In April, Dr. Plas James removed that fragment ... what loving care I had from family, friends, and my sweetheart of a husband, Wes. The trek toward healing is a long one, but the Lord's grace continues to be a constant and always more than needed.

There was Jon and Heather's wedding at the end of July - what a beautiful time of celebration...and now they reside in Sacramento, CA where Heather is working and Jon is in Law School.