Always a new song...

Age is sometimes cumbersome; yet there are some great benefits. Realizing that the years spin by so quickly gives you a new appreciation for the moment...a grandchild's phone call, a day with your daughter, an unexpected doorbell ring with a grandson standing there that you haven't seen in a while. This past week I celebrated - for many days my Hallowe'en birthday. It was 'tuff' as a kid...the remarks the other children made about my being born on such a date. Now, MANY people remember my birthday. I'd like to think it is because I am so lovable, but must admit that the Hallowe'en birthday probably helps. :-)

We are preparing for our trip to Kiev. New suitcase! Reading and re-reading the eight sessions that I will share with (hopefully) 500 Pastors' Wives. Wow! when the Lord opens a door...WOW!
Should I wear a silk scarf on my head or a couple of the cute hats that stay in my closet because ladies buy but don't wear hats here in the states? That is the question! I may simply forego and introduce them to "my head covering" - Wes. He's certainly better looking than any hat or scarf!

Mr. Green with Hobby Lobby sent a gift certificate for supplies to make the Gospel bracelets. It seems that is not going to work...I need too many of the same item and they have not called with the order we placed.

Anyone who reads this, please pray for travel, concentration - it is always a challenge to work with a translator. You can prepare and speak only 1/2 of the usual during a session. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit is the REAL language restrictions for such a Teacher!!!