Update on Grandchildren

NICHOLAS (Wood) - entered boot camp about 10 days ago and will be there for the whole summer. Proud of his accomplishments with the military - ROTC at North GA. College next year. MEREDITH (Wood) - arrives home from 10 months on missions in Africa - June 20th!!! CALEB, REBEKAH, CHERITH, CALEB, AND HAVILAH JOY - Caleb is attending Southern Poly - working on his second degree...the family will come to live with us in January...YAY! HANNAH (Kimbrough) - in south Asia...we continue to long to see this precious grand daughter (our eldest) who is in her third year of not being in the States. ALL of us long to see her altho we are most grateful for her following after God's best for her life - teaching and loving on others for the glory of the Lord. KIMBROUGH, ZACH, SHAY, KATHRYN AND KALE: Still living in my Mother's apartment downstairs (with us). They have patiently waited for the closing of their house purchase...and are still excited to have their own home. NATHAN (Kimbrough) - celebrating his High School graduation this week. JACOB (Cantrell) - internship - respite and discipling on determining God's direction for life. KATELYN (Cantrell) - ACL repair. Difficult recovery. Physical Threapy has strengthened her knee but nerve damage has resulted in wearing a brace until healing takes place to give control of ankle movement, foot lifting and toe control...she has a great attitude...delighted that at last she can drive again. MORGAN (Bethea)- graduated from Auburn on the 7th of May. She is entering an internship with Night Light here in Atlanta next week and is living with us. What an absolute pleasure to have her with us!!! EMILY (Bethea) - finished a year at Auburn...internship at her home church First Baptist for the summer. STEADMAN (Bethea)- Senior in high school next year...received a cherished award at Trinity as 'outstanding Christian witness' - nice check with the honor! ALL of the grandchildren are subjects of great interest to us and the Lord is priority in their lives. Much to rejoice!!!