The burden for young and old ladies is frequently in my thoughts and prayers. Oprah has won the hearts of women and she slowly began to infiltrate questioning thoughts into everyday shows and presentations...also through books she introduced to her viewers. I have been concerned for a very long time. She first made a clear statement of her UNbelief in the Lord Jesus when she was 27 years old. She has patiently worked her questioning and strange new age thinking into an everyday routine ... now has come her "church" has had an impact on at least 2 Million people.

This time Satan has taken off the subtle endicement of appearing as an angel of light! He is blatently obvious in the teaching that Oprah is broadcasting. Please not only should we as Christians be cautious...but we have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters in Christ...warn them! Just as a cult used to call on homes of UNprepared church folks on Sunday morning when they missed church...they were not wise to the Truth and did not know the Scriptures...and when the cult began to share THEIR knowledge of the Scriptures (a lot of truth with a strong seasoning of wrong!), the UNprepared and UNknowing received their words! We're there now...a group of "seekers" without discernment are victims of this electronic new age appeal! [You can see what has happened to get here and what is happening now by going to youtube and looking into the Oprah's clips.]

SHARE Christ...He is the Truth!!!