October, 2009

OUR MARINE ON DUTY: Caleb is in Afghanistan...Mission when out - shooting artillary - returns home in mid-December - the LORD willing!

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Another grandbaby is due in mid-December to Shay and Zachary Kimrough.

CELEBRATION: Christopher Wood graduated in Chemistry from Kennesaw. Praise the LORD, he began work last week and also entered courtship with Emily.

OFF TO MISSION FIELDS AGAIN: Hannah is in South Asia - teaching conversational English at an institution. She is having a wonderful adventure and has a constant alertness to share Christ.
Tabitha left on Oct. 1st for Uganda. She will be gone for about a month ministering with a missionary family there. She traveled with Tiffany Anderson.

MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC: Jacob is training and learning with Aaron Keyes in Snellville for another two months. He is writing music, singing, and leading praise for many different groups during this time.

COLLEGE STUDENTS: Jon (West GA), Natalie (North GA), Tabitha (long distance learning), Meredith (Anderson College), Morgan (Auburn) all on college level and diligently studying in the areas they are involved.

CANTRELLS: Josh is playing football - graduates this year from high school. Katelyn is cheerleading for JV. Wesley is still ministering at First Baptist Church, Woodstock and Jane home educates when Josh and Kate aren't at TKA.

KIMBROUGHS: Kandy's "at home" children are back into their home education and many musical interests, Boy Scouts, etc.

WOODS: Jamey is still at The King's Academy and three of her children study there and at home. SaraBeth growing up with her diabetes ever present and she handles it well. Nicholas with many interests. Tori musical and Irish dance.

BETHEAS (in Montgomery): Juli is busy teaching kindergarten, Tim coaching and teaching at Trinity Christian (a new job he loves), Emily in her Jr. year - doing well in volleyball. Steadman attending Trinity and loves practice altho' he cannot play football under his Dad this year.

Wes and I are busy and loving it! Headed to Dallas on Sunday the 5th. Planning a trip to celebrate graduations of Meredith and Tabitha - we leave Dec. 12th for fun in NYC.
House going back on the market...we have another nest in view...LORD, please make the way plain and clear!